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Born and raised right here in the North Country – deep roots! I can remember when there was no mall and Arsenal St. had more houses on it than stores…

Been a radio freak for as long as I can remember, Casey Kasem ruled and I had to listen to him every weekend.

The intensity of my music obsession is at the point where most people think I need some time on a shrink’s couch…and even that wouldn’t begin to help me…..I drove my parents insane with it when I was a kid and now everyone else gets a piece of it every night on the air….you’re welcome!

Started with the station in the fall of 2001 (working for free at first) sometimes I wonder how many times I’ve walked through the door after all these years….yes I’m just warped enough to think about things like that.

Best radio memories include the many concerts over the years…Papa Roach, Godsmack, Puddle Of Mudd, Drowning Pool, Halestorm – that one always stands out because I got to hug Lzzy Hale (still haven’t washed my jacket she pressed herself against by the way) There have been other great events too, big prize giveaways, fundraisers, on location broadcasts and more….many friends made along the way as well.

Along with being a music freak….I must put movies in there too….all kinds…..but horror is definitely a favorite…..the more twisted the movie is, the more I like it……just ask Lancer! My head is chock full of what most people would consider loads of “useless information.” Thankfully, music and movie trivia, facts and figures now help me professionally haha…”useless” to “useFUL!”

I love meeting, chatting and hanging with anyone who listens and enjoys the station…..being able to inform, entertain, bring music to the masses and even make a difference sometimes is what it’s all about…and I thank everyone for giving me a chance to do that every day…