pBEIJING — The United States needs to stop getting pushed around by China and work out a long-term strategy to deal with the country’s rise, former U.S. ambassador Max Baucus said this week./ppIn an interview more than a month after leaving Beijing, Baucus expressed frustration with the Obama administration’s lack [...]
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pHere’s a rare bit of good news: People are living longer than ever./ppAccording to a new Lancet study, life expectancy will jump across much of the industrialized world in the next two decades. By 2030, women in South Korea can expect to live to 90, up from 84 in 2010. [...]
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pMASSENA — The St. Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office said an autopsy was performed on Aiden M. Riley at Massena Memorial Hospital, and the preliminary cause of death was smoke inhalation pending later lab results./ppThe 5-year-old boy died in a Wednesday evening fire at 2224 State Highway 420 in the /ppTown [...]
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pA Chicago sportscaster finds himself in the penalty box after posting an offensive tweet about President Donald Trump./ppIt began innocuously enough on Sunday, when Toronto Star sports columnist Bruce Arthur tweeted, “Donald Trump: A hateful ignorant corrupt simpleton supported by 87% of Republicans.”/ppSeeing this message and apparently agreeing, ABC-7 Chicago [...]
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