Sandy Creek school voters OK construction project


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Voters in the Sandy Creek Central School District approved the district’s $28,118,000 construction project on Tuesday.

Residents approved the project 236-71.

Superintendent Kyle Faulkner said now there will be several months of design by the architect and engineers before the project is submitted to the state Education Department for review.

“That could take probably six to seven months,” Faulkner said. “Once the state Education Department approves our project, it will go out to bid.”

The project consists of building a new bus maintenance facility, renovating the existing bus garage, purchasing a piece of property to create a second way to get in and out of Salisbury Street, creating a shared services fuel island with above-ground tanks, renovating the entrances to the elementary and high schools to create secure points of entry, replacing door hardware to improve lockdown procedures and adding security film to glass, replacing a roof and fire alarm system, replacing some flooring, lockers and heating and air conditioning units.

The project has no tax impact on residents and instead, will be paid for with state aid, capital reserves and remaining EXCEL aid. EXCEL aid was established by the state in 2006 to provide another way to pay for capital projects that dealt with education technology, health and safety, accessibility, energy and physical capacity expansions or school construction.

Faulkner had told residents that the work is much the same as preventative maintenance work people would do on their homes.

“This project is really focused on the safety and security of our kids, our staff while at the same time trying to keep our facilities in a condition we think is best for our kids,” he told those at the forum.


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