Town of Massena officials working with chamber on new Massena signs


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MASSENA — Dilapidated “Welcome to Massena” signs that greet visitors coming into the town on state Routes 420 and 37 will be coming down, and town of Massena officials will work with the Greater Massena Chamber of Commerce to come up with replacements.

Council member Melanie Cunningham told board members this week that she has been in contact with the chamber regarding ownership of the signs and they had no information on them.

“Nobody seems to know exactly when and who put them up. They are in rough shape. They really do need to be replaced,” she said.

The signs contain logos of Massena organizations, including the Elks, Rotary Club, Disabled American Veterans, VFW and Marine Corps League. But there are also logos for organizations that no longer exist in Massena, like the Lions’ Club.

Ms. Cunningham said she had talked with representatives from some of those groups.

“Nobody knows who put their sign up there. It’s kind of a little bit of a mystery, she said. “We are still working with the chamber, back and forth with information on it to see what we can do. We’ll work together and get something, maybe digital or something like that or see if there’s any grant money out there for signage.”

”My belief is that the chamber initiated this a long time ago. I believe Larry Prashaw built those,” Council member Samuel D. Carbone Jr. said.

He said the best way to address the signs was to get a letter from the chamber saying that the signs were in rough shape, no longer needed and should come down.

“Just so we have that on record and we take them down,” Mr. Carbone said.

He also suggested that, once the signs are down, they look at another location to place the new signs. He said they might better serve their purpose if one was placed closer to the International Bridge and another was placed on Route 37 coming into Massena from the Louisville direction.

“I think we need to go ahead and take the signs down. Why don’t we get a letter from the chamber saying they have no record of the signs at this time and work on getting another location?” Mr. Carbone said.

He also recommended saving the logos so they might possibly be used in the future.

Board members passed a motion to get a letter from the chamber and take down the signs and Highway Superintendent Frank Diagostino said they should be easy for one of his crews to bring down.

“They’re pretty much wooden structures,” he said.


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