Tugboats aiding Chem Norma back to channel


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MORRISBURG, ONTARIO — Two tugboats, the Ocean K. Rusby and Ocean Pierre Julien, have arrived at the scene of the ship run aground in the St. Lawrence Seaway.

The Chem Norma, a tanker, hit shallow waters and became stuck at 4:09 a.m. Tuesday, shocking sleeping locals from Morrisburg, Ontario, and Waddington.

The ship’s horn sounded several times before a sound resembling a small explosion was heard.

“It was frightening, as it was so close to shore and the blasts from the horn were loud and ominous, especially the last long blast,” wrote Doris Serviss of Morrisburg in an email to the Times.

The ship, a double-hold tanker, was viewed by a Canadian inspector Tuesday and was cleared to resume its trip, according to Andrew K. Bogora, service communications inspector for the St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corp.

Due to the double-hold requirement of all transport ships on the St. Lawrence River, pollution from the contents of the ship is unlikely.

Mr. Bogora said that there was no visible pollution and that the cargo of the ship was a refined product, not crude oil. He was unable to be more specific.


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