Black River students play principals for the day


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BLACK RIVER — Two Black River Elementary students found out was it was like to be principal for the day after raising the most funds for the school’s Autism Walk in April.

School Principal Jennifer Premo said when the walk’s organizers came to her about offering the incentive, she thought it was great idea.

Having raised $456, Kherrington Post, 7, daughter of Brian and Nicole Post of Felts Mills, was principal for the day on May 5.

Having raised $200, Daniel Dominguez Adams, 8, son of Emmanuel Dominguez and Suleika Adams Torres of Fort Drum, was vice principal.

Describing their day, Daniel, a third-grader, said, “We came to the office — we had our own office.”

Demonstrating his new skill, he said “I figured out how to use the phone.”

He said Mrs. Premo spoke with him and Kherrington about what they would suggest to do if a “kid had a rough time.”

“We went into a lot of classrooms with our clipboards,” said Daniel. “The teachers were not aware of some things. They were watching a movie and I had to tell the teacher there were boys in the back talking.”

“We wrote things like ‘nice job’ — ‘keep up the good work’ to the teachers,” said Kherrington, a second-grader.

The best thing about the day, said Daniel, was that “we got all the best snacks in school.”

Kherrington said the best part of the day was going into the classroom, but she also liked the Tootsie Rolls she received.

Both children said they enjoyed their day especially when they went outside with the classes.

Although Daniel said he would like the chance to play a school leader again, he really wants to be a restaurant owner when he grows up.

“I might be a teacher, then vice principal so I know what to do, then principal,” said Kherrington. “But I really want to be a vet.”

As a remembrance of their day, the two were each given a school mug and a pen.

A total of $3,279.36 was raised during the Autism Walk, a sum split evenly between the Northern Regional Center for Independent Living and the Central New York Special Olympics.


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