Potsdam village board agrees to sell small plots of land to state


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POTSDAM — The village board voted last Wednesday to approve transferring two small plots of land to the state for improvements to Route 56 near the Lowe’s hardware store.

“It’s basically a little tiny piece on both sides of the road; at this point it’s already full of New York State infrastructure, anyway, for their traffic signals,” Gregory O. Thompson, village administrator, told trustees.

The two plots are at the intersection of Country Lane and Route 56. One is about half an acre, the other about a quarter-acre.

The land is already in the state right-of-way, and the state maintains it already.

To avoid getting permissions from the village for improvements to the state highway, however, state officials requested the village officially transfer the land to the state.

The trustees voted unanimously to transfer the property to the state for the sum of one dollar, payment waived, and approved Mayor Reinhold J. Tischler to execute the agreement.

“Basically, all we gave them today was the entrance to Country Lane,” Mr. Thompson said. As for what modifications the state was planning to make on Route 56, Mr. Thompson said, he had “no clue.”

Mr. Thompson also told the board there had been some confusion about the East Hydro Dam damaged gearboxes, which are currently being held by the company Philadelphia Gear and which have been scheduled to be brought back to the village for several months.

“There was some miscommunication on a contractor who has been interested in the project,” Mr. Thompson said.

A representative of the contractor, Maine Industrial, had called Philadelphia Gear and said to leave the gearboxes where they were.

But Maine Industrial has no agreement with the village to work on the dam or on anything else.

“Nobody has a contract (with the village) — that’s where the issue lay,” Mr. Thompson said.

He is still unsure of why a representative of the company felt they could speak for the village.

“(The gearboxes are) going to be brought back ASAP,” Mr. Thompson said. “Maine Industrial has been in contact since then; they’ve been very apologetic.”

Mr. Thompson said the gearboxes could be brought back as early as next week.


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