Potsdam Village prepares for more work on crosstown canal


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POTSDAM — The village completed a huge renovation on part of its underground wastewater drainage system this summer, but the cross-town canal still needs a lot of work, according to Village Administrator Gregory O. Thompson.

“Basically, this was just the tip of the iceberg,” he said. “What we did worked, but this is just the beginning.”

On Monday, Michael Tamblin, an engineer who has previously worked on the project, presented the next steps to the village trustees. The first thing the village needs to do is create an engineering report.

“In order to submit your grant, you need an engineering report,” Mr. Thompson said. “We’re hoping to have the engineering report done by late spring.”

According to Mr. Thompson, the work last summer, which cost $670,000, fixed most of the issues with flooding. But there are still issues with other sections of the canal, which spreads and branches under the village.

“When this was built, over 100 years ago, they weren’t built to today’s standards,” Mr. Thompson said. Much of the canal was built as a stone trench covered with timbers, which have since rotted away. The canal itself also continues to collect debris and needs to be cleaned out.

“There are issues that have been ongoing, things such as sinkholes,” Mr. Thompson said.

According to Mr. Thompson, the massive repairs this summer came in under budget, and so the leftover money can be put toward the engineering report, which will cost around $50,000.

The engineering report will lay out a time line for further work on the canal along with applying for grants to do the work on the canal. Mr. Thompson and Mr. Tamblin will work on the report together.


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